Social Media Content

Thrive Pet Healthcare

Reels were created in collaboration with other teams and departments.

All reels can be viewed on the Thrive Pet Healthcare Consumer Instagram account here: or Industry account:

Thrive Pet Healthcare YouTube Videos

Thrive Pet Healthcare videos that I have created can be found on the Thrive YouTube Channel, or on this page of my site.

Mirka USA

Instagram reel creation for Mirka USA utilizing current trends and developing content to meet the company’s needs to gain brand awareness. 

Each reel averages about 10k views within a 30 day period. Most successful reel attained 127K views, and over 3400 likes in one month’s time.

All reels can be viewed on the Mirka USA Instagram account here:

Mirka YouTube Channel

For the Mirka YouTube channel, each video thumbnail was redesigned to display a cohesive look. The type of video and what it featured were all taken into account so that users would be able to easily identify what was a video about product or tools, a testimonial, and which was a tutorial/how-to video.

You can view the entire channel here.